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Thread: Question About Burning To Vcd

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    I am using TMPGEnc, but I'm wondering how you figure out what the frame settings are so I know wether to set it to NTSC Film or regular NTSC.

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    do u have the k-lite codec pack?? if so then use g-spot to figure it out, its got lots of things u can use

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    nope. don't think i have it. thanks.

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    okay I checked everything out and burned my cd correctly and when I try to play it in my dvd player it says "no disk". I know for a fact the my dvd player is capitiable.
    If anyone wnats to know what I did:

    I converted my .rm files in EO video, then I fixed them in TMPGEnc the way said to. Then I burned in Nero the way said to. I try to play in my dvd player and I get "no disk".

    So what could be the problem?


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