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Thread: Old Tv Series

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    Any of you still watch some of the old series?
    I must admit i always watch knight rider, street hawk, airwolf, and only fools and horses if they are ever on tv. I use to be a real big die hard knight rider fan

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    Some times I watch clint Eastwood.
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    i always watch basil rathbone, bela lugosi, peter cushing and christopher lee. Big sherlock holmes fan and never miss a film even if i have got it myself. I also watch miss marple, charlie chan, and hercule poirot

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    Greatest American Hero (an early superhero series) (he could fly but never land properly)
    Knight Rider
    Welcome Back Kotter
    Misfits Of Science
    Bosom Buddies
    One Day At A Time
    Silver Spoons
    What&#39;s Happening
    Mork and Mindy (there&#39;s talk of a movie)
    Buck Rogers
    Get Smart
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    Manimal only did one series which was a real bummer because it was good. Mork and mindy was hilarious because of mork&#39;s friend, man what a funny guy. My mom just loved quantum leap

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    I probably watch TVLand more than any other station on TV. I love watching all those old shows. I could watch Sanford & Son, The Andy Griffith show, and Leave it to Beaver all day long.

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    all in the family, and its all about that nick and nite

    proud to be american

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    does jack, janet and christy ring a bell??

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    Hmmmmmmmm Jeez&#33; Lets see
    Lost in space-was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid.
    Get smart-watch sometimes
    The Avengers-remember it somewhat,better then the movie snorrre.....fell asleep.
    Night Stalker-Inspiration for the X-files show.
    Speed Racer-another favorite when i was a kid.
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    Knight Rider yeah I liked that one&#33;


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