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Thread: Making It Just One Whole Movie

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    Hey yow. I need some help.
    I downloaded a movie form kazaa and it was in two parts(as usual).
    I'm using TMPGEnc to encode it into a MPEG file. Is there a way to combined the two parts to put it on a DVD?
    Help me plz

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    Just put both files into the program you burn with, all it will be between them is a track mark, as long as you set the gap to nill.

    There are progs like easy vieo joiner.. blah blah, I do not like any I have found.

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    If your starting with say to avi's..u could just use virtualdub to join.

    Open the first file,set the audio and video to direct stream copy then goto file>append avi segment and load the second file>save as avi.


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