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Thread: Wii Game NZBs?

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    I jsut started using UseNet (my ISP has a UseNet server and all) and am 'migrating' if you will from torrents.

    The site here has a large number of NZBs and all, but was wondering, are there any sites that have NZBs just for games (Wii games, to be more exact) because I'm looking for one type of game (Medal of Honor 2) but can't find it.

    I hope you know what I'm askign, and sorry in advance if this isn't how UseNet and NZBs work =/


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    When you're looking for something specific you should use a usenet search engine rather than sites with nzbs posted.
    The search engines have almost everything that gets posted.
    If you don't find it using that you won't find it at all.

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    For future you may want to browse of subscribe to folowing Newsgroup in your reader.

    Hope that works I am not a gamer myself.
    Life in the fast lane usenet freak

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    NTSC ->

    Neezleech, nzbmatrix, nzbrus are good sites

    Edit: you can also find it on this site
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