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Thread: keyweb vrs

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    what is the meaning of vrs which is being offered by Is it like the VPS which Leeware offered? Can i use it as a seedbox? What speeds can i expect?

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    yea think its like a small vps. Dont expekt to mutch from a cheap vps. But if the price is right maby its worth trying.

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    that is an VPS with dynamic resources (NOT DEDICATED)

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    crap imo i used it and crashed every few hours. rootds however works well, got constant 7-8MB on that

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    7-8mb is pretty good for a vps.
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    Yes but it's pretty expensive too... 25€ for a 30go, it's the price of an OVH dedi with 160go and 100mbit line
    About difference between vrs and rds I've to say I don't understand very much too... For example if 10 people needs 50mbits on a 100mbits line at the same time, a classic VPS will limit all people at an equal BW of 10mbits.
    So in VRS system, how is it working is the same case ? Haven't all users the same limits ?
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