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Thread: Fasttrackmovies

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    Is it just me or is the link for the FastTrack movie database on the K-lite startup webpage not working anymore?
    It hasn't worked since I installed the newest version of K-lite so I'm assuming it just doesn't work with this build.

    I really want to get all of the Superman movies again, but a K-lite search only gets a whole lot of Superman cartoons and Smallville Episodes(Which I already have every episode )

    Anyone have a direct link?

    (btw: for any of you that are interested, Smallville Season 3 starts in the US on October 1st, and has been moved from Thursday nights to Every Wednesday night at 8:00pm on the "WB" channel (channel 62 public access in Kansas City).

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    Mate,fasttrack movie's been shutdown according to this thread i was reading yesterday.


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