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Thread: Counter Strike 1.6 tournament videos??

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    heyy guys i m a big fan of cs 1.6
    i wanna dnlod cs's tournament videos of different clans and not the recorded demo
    can ne one help me out and tell from where / which site i can download it.....??
    does any forum for these videos where RS links r available...???
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    AFTER 1.5 all versions were crap, 2.0 was even worst, it lost a lil bit of realistic fire arm edge which it had. dont get me wrong i spent 5 years on counter strike, from very 1st moment when multiplayer took off, when counter strike was "the" multiplayer. till couple of year ago i used to play 1.5 in game cafe's but now they only have 1.6.
    they screwed sniper rifle very bad, they screwed jump. i remember when in 1.3 we used to bunny hump. now days everybody plays WOW, i just know whats all the buzz about.
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