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Thread: ScL Invite

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    ScL just opened up for invites again and I thought I can help a good member get in by giving this invite out.

    Here's the rules for this giveaway, follow them slightly, otherwise your out !!!

    Tell me why you want the tracker

    Post the following things, if you don't post everything I
    ask for, your out

    1. 2 speedtests from todays date
    2. 3 Ratioproofs from your best trackers (the more, the better)
    3. Post a screenshoot from you utorrent-statistic
    And the last and the most important
    4. Post a proof from one of your trackers that shows how many forumposts and torrentcomments you have made !

    Here's an example how it SHOULD look likes

    Originally Posted by Eyallotan
    I am intrested in the "tracker".
    I always fantasized for an account to this site. i heard great reviews about the community and the fast down speed. i upload a lot and i have a good up/down rate (as you can see in speedtests). i would be so grateful for an invite.


    forum profile:
    i'm not sure i got exactly what you meant but nyway i have an account in a well-known hebrew tracker i'm an uploader -

    i recently redownloaded my utorrent and forget to save my old stats so i wont lie but unfortunately i had to download a few movie packs for studies i do and i wasn't able to upload them back yet-
    if you wont i can send you new stats in a few days and you'll se im uploading.

    Hope to get it

    Good Luck!!!!
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    lol everything else is fine and dandy...but there's no point in putting which lvl 4 tracker a person wants as u've already specified which one u r offering

    nice giveaway tho!...i've nvr quite understood the charm in a scene tracker...but hey there r tons of others who do so i'm sure its of great value to them!

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    respawn40's Avatar Phoenix Wright :D BT Rep: +2
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    World Wide Web
    • No offering invites or account
    • No trading invites or account
    • Those who Break the rule will be caught and banned

    I know someone who was recently banned because he made a giveaway, so I don't think doing this is a good idea.
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    I am a exsellent speller and I use grammer very good.

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    Oh allright. PLease close thread then. Thank you for letting me know Respawn


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