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Thread: Ghost Recon Help Please

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    am kind of new to this new thing and i have been seaching for Ghost Recon and i find stuff about it and nothing helpes me.i downloaded the GhostRecon.Ace file and i dont know what to do next can anyone help me step by step please thank you very much.

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    Well what is the size? I am gonna assume it is a "rip" it should be a self extracting. Therbye double clicking will start the extract but perhaps not. If not install winace or winrar, then extract the file and let us know what you get.

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    Well the size is about 628MB and am sorry but am not done downloading it. I have read that you have to do something with the .exe but am not sure.

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    Well that is a bit big for a rip but typically that is what an ace file is. ( i have d'ld this game do not know how big it is or how many disks retail.)

    You should be good just to double click on it, it should self extract. You may need to install winrar to extract it though. Hard to say.

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    Ok Man when i finish downloading it ill tell you how it came out .
    Thanks alot man i appreciate it alot.

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    No problem, welcome to the bored by the way.

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    The working RIP is 170,000ish KBs


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