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Thread: Star Wars Phantom Menace

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    I'm looking for this game on kazaa and can't find does anyone have it if they do please send me sig cos i can't buy it anywhere and i really want it !!

    (If you have baught version crack and zip it into a folder with reg entries and send sig)

    Badly want it if u have !! THanks

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    maybe this will help - it's a pretty lame game, don't waste your time looking for it
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    nah i've had it before i've just got the urge to wanna play it again

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    Yeah I second this request, I was looking for this game for a friend a while back and I can't get my hands on it.

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    I have Mordens Audio Hack PLEZ stop emailing me

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    So does anyone have this game??

    I really want it cos i can't buy it anywhere

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    U can't buy it anywhere? i bet you can.
    1) it's a v bad game, not worthy of using the star wars title.
    2) It's cheaper than a pack of crisps in the shops, so why don't you guys just buy the original rather than wasting everyone's bandwith.

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    dude where could i buy it I've looked at every software store near me and they say they don't sell anymore and they can't order it cos it ain't there to order or some shit like that also I don't have a card to order off the internet. I agree its a bad game but I really like this bad game Would I post for this ggame if I didn't want it I posted to show how much i DO really want it

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    The game is awful, so consider this a big favour

    You can buy the game for around $12.50 at amazon, go here

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    Originally posted by porjay@9 September 2003 - 12:28
    also I don't have a card to order off the internet.
    Thanks though for finding that out for me

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