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Thread: Japanese Horror Movie

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    looking for some movies, watch already, ring, seance, dark water, the eyes (i know it's not a japanese one, but it's very cool). i hearded that there's a very good one about a village with scarecrow...what's the title? actually, chinese also will do...

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    Versus is pretty damn cool.


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    Well "The Eye" scared the bit Jesus out of me!!!!

    Anything else like that would be welcome for me too!

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    Work your way through this site, i've seen a lot on it. Japanese Horror Archive they are good. Once you find a director you like, such as Hideo Nakata, download more of his movies as usualy they are similar styles.

    I wasn't aware China was that into horror movie's? As far as I understand it they are so common in Japan, as over there the directors don't hold back on what can be done, thus more crazy movies (for the better). China/Hong Kong are more assosiated with historical movies and martial arts I think?

    However, you say you've seen the ring, was it Ringu? If so did you watch the sequal and the prequal made by another director? Also, although deeply confusing and perhaps not your style, Audition makes a good Japanese horror.

    This movie gets very confusing at one point, where he is in a dream state. This is where he manifests his demons (guilt, desire, fear) into characters in his dream and replys key features of the movie in another light. So with that, the movie may make more sense.

    anyway, check out this site: Japanese Horror Archive they have some good reviews up there.... however they tell the story of the movie so it contains spoilers.


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