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Thread: 3d Studio Max 4/5

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    Anyone know of any software/plug-in that can be used to make fire for 3D studio max 4 or 5? I.E. creating asteroids

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    no, sorry I only use Bryce and Poser for sharing my thoughts and dreams openly :)

    but there is a great artist community:
    there you find forums chat where you can probably find support :)

    thanks ;)

    nice dreams...

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    I have done fire and asteroids over 100 times in 3ds max 4 and it's really easy. 3ds max 4 has a few tutorials, one of which is the space tutorial, which shows you how to create planets and asteroids. Making fire or flames in 3ds max is easy too but it's called a combustion. All you do is make an orb gizmo cut in in half and stretch it upwards. Then you add an effect to that gizmo, yes, you guessed right, you add the combustion effect to it! Then you can tweak the combustion effect, like change it to blue fire and animate it by changing the phase from 30 to like 60. Make sure you set proper key frames!


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