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Thread: help please! (unraring)

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    hey everybody.. its been a few years since ive tried to do this, and i forgot. i just downloaded madden 08, (i know i know, im a cheap bastard). so this is what ive got..


    (sry bout that size.. lol)

    so.. i dont see a .00 in there.. i tried unpacking .01 but it didnt work, i got a .iso file not a .cue or .bin... what do i do? thanks everyone.

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    double click on the .001 file, it looks like its associated with winrar. Once open, click the extract to... and pick a location!
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    Save to desktop its easier to find . You should have a nfo file use notepad or a program like Dam Nfo Viewer to open . It may have a serial or info on how to burn or install the game .

    You say its an ISO file , that's normal just use Nero or a program like UltraISO to burn or mount .
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    You don't technically have to have a .rar file in an archive, but in your case it does sound like your missing something... Try WinACE... i prefer it to winrar...

    Get a copy of nero or something and just load the iso file and burn away!


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