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Thread: Sonic Adventure 2

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    Hello all. Has anyone got or does anyone know how to get hold of the ISO for Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast? Cheers.

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    there's a few people on here that have it...i think your best bet is to use bittorrent or emule, shareaza etc.

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    Cheers m12himself. Have you seen it around though? I've searched for it on Bittorrent and such but haven't found it yet.

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    I beat that game the first was a hell of alot better. Well X was better then both but the same as the first.

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    Yeah the first one is better. I've just bought myself a replacement Dreamcast (I saw one going for 30. Bargain&#33, and I've started playing Sonic Adventure again. I just fancy playing SA2 and was wondering where to download it as I can't even buy a cheap 2nd hand copy in the shops round here.

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    sry for not gettin back to u for a while gooch....i've been dling sonic adv 2 from kazza forever now damn 56k the complete file is 686,901 if that helps. suprnova did have the torrent a couple weeks back in the dreamcast games section but i haven't seen it there lately....if you goto the forums and request it at suprnova i'm sure it'll get put up again... it's a rare file on kazza to say the least

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    OK thanks for the advice. I don't know if you've finished downloading SA2 yet but if I get hold of it I'll put it on Kazaa to help with your sources.

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    that'd be great man thanks


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