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Thread: Mldonkey Is A Fasttrack Client Also ...

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    I shortly searched for other small clients connecting to fasttrack and found the
    following: MLDonkey for Win32 and Linux as well ...

    From the description: It connects to many p2p networks.

    "... MLDonkey is a multi-network file-sharing client. It was the first open-source client to access eDonkey. It runs as a daemon, that can be controlled through telnet (command-line), HTTP (Web pages), and many different GUIs. It is written in Objective-Caml. It can currently access eDonkey, Overnet, Fasttrack (KaZaA, Imesh), Gnutella, Gnutella2 (Shareaza), BitTorrent, and Soulseek. Support for other networks (Direct Connect, Open Napster) is only partial. ..."

    (Source: -
    read on 05/09/2003)

    that sounds quite cool, cause I can connect to both soulseek and fasttrack -
    I orginally just serached for another fasttrack client to see if my kazaa share my files correctly :)

    thanks anyway, david.

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    It isn't able to upload files to fasttrack.

    It only has limited functionality.

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    Yes, Paul's right, it doesn't comform to the latest FastTrack specification, in fact not at all, they've mistook it for OpenFT, which is the enhanced version of FT like OpenNap is the better version of the Napster Network.

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    how do fasttrack and openFT compare? communicate? with each other?
    what are the limitations of the clients?
    is there any investigation into K++ openFT
    i'm interested in fasttrack access on linux
    i read that there is a fasttrack plugin for giFT,
    does anyone know about it or about giFT?
    does that work?
    if some of these thing work then there is a whole lotta source out there

    ed. typo

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    Yes, the FastTrack plugin for giFT is the proper thing, it allows the giFT client to connect to OpenFT as well as FastTrack. Check it out here. And again, with the aid of plug-ins giFT can connect to OpenNap and G1.

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    hey, thanks. But Fasttrack Gift Plugin seems to be only in source code :)
    ok, would be glad if you would keep me informed if a new fasttrack client
    emerges :)



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