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Thread: Sportscenter

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    Hi does anyone know how to get in touch with sportscenter from hdbits? i am not a member anymore.. so i wanted to talk to him

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    I'm Fucking Lost
    You can PM him on HDBits..... oh wait.
    Go Leafs Go.

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    don't know where
    Go to hdbits support channel and wht is wrong with sporto ppl usually have problems with Nwo :rolleyes

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    well sportscenter is nice... so i wanted to get in touch with him. Nwo kinda banned me from channel. Anyway to get to it now?

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    2,456 way can you be banned fomr support channel ..maybe you did something

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    No i am not sure if i got banned but when i try to join the channel its says address banned. I dint do anythin other then address my issue


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