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Thread: Imesh 4.2 New

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    iMesh 4.2 (

    Should be a "lite" update soon

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    Did anybody try this release yet???

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    Yes i tryed a few minutes later,nothing new ,spyware full,i run Ad-Aware and still work .

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    Yes i tryed a few minutes later,nothing new ,spyware full,i run Ad-Aware and still work .Claims to have with this new build redesigned interface, convenient multilingual support and bandwidth control. Nothing real ,the same interface and i can't find any bandwith control!!!Here the guide:


    Adware/Spyware Removal For iMesh Version 4

    What adware/spyware does iMesh have?

    As of this posting imesh contains Gain (Gator), Cydoor,, [(Commonname and My Search) requires internet access to uninstall]. There is an option to install Top Text iLookup. iMesh also places a internet shortcut on your desktop to install Rich Casino.

    iMesh does change the adware/spyware occasionally so what is listed here could be different then what is installed on your computer. The Important Thing Is Commonname and Must Be Removed With The Uninstaller, Removing It Manually May Result In A Complete Collapse Of Your TCP/IP Stack And You Will Not Be Able To Access The Net, to uninstall you must be connected to the net and it will only work with internet explorer.

    How to uninstall everything successfully

    First delete the internet shortcut Rich Casion on your desktop then go to control panel then add/remove programs and uninstall, Commonname, My Search and Top Text iLookup if it is there.

    Next Start imesh then while imesh is running use adware/spyware removal program like Ad-aware or spybot. They are both excellent programs and some even recommend running both.
    Ad-aware download-->
    Spybot download-->

    Be sure to update Ad-aware or Spybot before using. Delete all entries that are found
    EXCEPT FOR--&#62; cd_clint.dll <--Do Not Delete&#33;&#33;&#33;

    Ad-aware/Spybot may ask to run again at start up. This is because some adware/spyware maybe running at the time of scanning , click yes to this and reboot.

    You have now removed all optional ad-aware/spyware and imesh should run much better for you.

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    Get the real iMesh Lite:

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    Get the real iMesh Lite
    That is not the real Imesh Lite ,trust me cause i use Imesh a lot that is a clean version of Imesh but not the ImeshLite .If you want the real clean client by Dr.Damn the first who cleaned Imesh look here

    The Imesh Light posted by you doesn&#39;t work fine ,i tryed that version too.

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    yep Dr Damn ones are the best


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