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Thread: power surge on port hub w/ipod touch

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    I can't seem to do anything on my uncles comp with my ipod like charge it or transfer songs etc cause A "Power surge on port hub" balloon tip pop up. What's causing this? I hooked it up to the usb 2.0 ports in the back but it still happens. I know the psu is going in this thing but I'm not sure if that's to blame

    btw: it does this with ever usb port on the comp. it also happens when I plug in the cable to the usb without even having the ipod hooked up to it. I'm wondering if it could be the cable maybe?

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    Sounds like the cable is shorted somewhere...
    Easy test, does it do it if you plug it into somewhere that has something already plugged into it and does it do it when other things are plugged into the usb ports you're trying?

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    I had this happen once, 2 days later no USB Controllers were visible in device manager at all. A day or so after that my MoBo was dead.


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