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Thread: Not Too Sure

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    Alright, I just connected to a higher speed DSL line, but its weird, whenever I check my speeds without KazaaLite running, I get "720.7KBits 90.1KBytes", but with KazaaLite running, it drops waaaay down. Now i'm guessing this is an incredibly(sp?) stupid question, but /i just want to know why it happens, and if theres any way to counter it. Thanks

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    If you want to know how shitty it gets, after a half an hour, it goes from "720.7KBits 90.1KBytes", to "41.5KBits 5.2KBytes". It blows. But, right after I close KazaaLite, it goes straight to "722KBits 90.3KBytes".

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    come on boss klite is using some of your connection speed so you don't have it all available for a speed test, its kind of like testing your speed with 6 cylinders and then taking 2 away and doing a speed test with 4 cylinders

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    Yeah, he's right. You can't have an optimum connection all the time. Some of the bandwidth is used on uploads and downloads, and the only way to stop it completely is to close Kazaa, or don't share, which is naughty and disrespectful, not to mention being leech-like.

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    Ya I definitly see what you mean, its just odd though, because when I had my other DSL connection, which was a step down from this, I never had this problem.

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    It's possible your ISP isn't as well designed as it should be and your IP is being flooded, slowing everything down.
    Limit your searches and connections or try something like NetLimiter to tame kazaa's bandwidth use.

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    Alright thanks balamm. Ill give Verizon a call tomorrow and see what they have to say. 1.5MB my ass! haha.

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    you mean 1.5 Mb right???

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