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Thread: vt5 Visual Team

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    A new face, offered a much better source of stable and a tracker Visual Team (, led by a new address ( and targeting the community of users (2600useri), to register with other accounts.
    Like any new beginning, everything should be taken from scratch and including torrents because there is the risk of not being compatible database on the source house, the new source.
    The categories tracker, is a General and ask users who upload knowledge and best sources to help the population tracker, with torrents.
    For a brief period of time, can climb torrents all users!
    The staff is very cooperative and appreciate correctly, but any help would be small!

    Thank you!

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    I there an English layout?

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    The banner on the left side, there are flags of the 5 countries (Germany, England, France, Italy and Roumanien) ... click, on England!!!

    It will open a section in the forum for speakers of English and there can be any questions or you can post discussions of any kind, limited regulation of the Forum!
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    We had to adopt another source and we moved to a new address where you expect to be part of our community!
    Free signup!!!

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