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Thread: Internet With Win Xp/2k

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    Why is this?
    It's the main reason I reverted to s****y ME.
    With ME my internet connection (150K broadband with ntl), is perfect.
    But with XP and 2K it is a slow as a 28K connection, downloading speeds of about 700-800 bytes!
    Does anyone know why this is so?
    Is it anything to do with the tsunami of worms and viruses over the past month?

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    have you run a speed test on the connection?
    where is the problem showing itself?
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    I weren&#39;t able to, it was that bleeding slow.
    But I know it was something to do with the internet, not the connection itself, I think, coz it works fine with ME. There must be something about XP & 2K which affects it. It could be the change from FAT32 to NTFS, since my computer may not be all that compat. ATM. I got it in 2001. So it should be. Strange&#33;

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    I have XP with the 600k NTL broadband..and i&#39;ll have to admit after upgrading from 98 S.E. my Connection on certain things slow&#39;s down, and this happens on sites that were previously fast as f**k..Downloading programs and stuff though still Rocket&#33;&#33;&#33;
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    Try disabling XP or 2K firewall.

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    follow the instructions HERE and when all internet apps are closed,

    goto RUN,
    type COMMAND,
    press OK
    type NETSTAT -N

    how many connections are there that say ESTABLISHED??

    if there are more than one or two (and internet explorer etc.. are closed), then you have some sort of virus/worm etc...

    Get a good scanner and firewall.

    also check the ntl service status:


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    i upgraded from win 98 to xp, my internet has never been faster.

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    win9x does use different networking protocols(?) and I have found that in some cases it will seem a lot faster. For some things... Not all. The problem is, the speed may be due in part to lower security than winnt/2k/xp. Less checks mean faster times obviously.

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    i have xp and mine is pretty fast

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    since you guys are talking windows xp etc. Can I upgrade from 98 SE with 2000 and have it saved over 98 se? A friend of mine said yeah, but I wanted to make 100% sure. Also I was wondering if I should go for 2000 or XP? I&#39;m a little iffy about XP because I don&#39;t think some of my programs will run on it.

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