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Thread: Playstation3 Fully Backward Compatible

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    sorry if it has been posted before search not working

    In some notes is was specified that the PS3 would only be compatible with PS2 games, but it is now official that it will compatible with PS1 games as well.

    All details here:

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    Wow. I didn't think they'd actually do it...

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    It's quite pointless in my opinion. If someone buys a PS3, why the hell would they want to play PS1 games on it? PS2, that's alright, because game swould still be coming out for it, but all you see for the PS1 now is shitty educational games and Disney games.

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    If you have the PS1 games still then you want it sometimes i throw in Driver 2 just for fun and that PS1 and i have the PS2.

    Also when the thread came about this before i told everyone that it would be there so stupid.


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