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Thread: Which is the best email service to use Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo etc??

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    Just wondering what email service people think i should use. Currently im using hotmail, but tired of all the spamming. Just want to know if gmail or yahoo are a lot better or are there other better alternatives??
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    I use gmail and yahoo but gmail is better..

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    I've used gmail for some time now.

    I use the POP3 option to download emails from my inbox to my PC, which leaves anything in the junk mail box on gmail's servers, not on my PC.

    The junk mail filter really seems to work well, there are hundreds of emails in my junk mail box, but since I rarely see them it doesn't bother me one bit.

    Other than that only 2 junk emails have crept through in the last month.

    If you want to leave all your mail on gmail's servers you could go for the IMAP option. That only downloads the mail headers until you want to read a particular email, and since you can pick which folders you want to see you can still ignore the junk mail folder.

    Or, you can just use it as an internet mail system, but you will keep noticing the junk mail folder.
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    Gmail - the best .

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    use gmail,it way better then hotmail and yahoo

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    Use all 3 but have to agree that gmail is the best of the three

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    If you want to be rid of the spam, gmail is the way to go.

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    i have yahoo and gmail, and i also think gmail is better

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    gmail is the best. send me a message for invite if they are still even needed.

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    i have used yahoo and gmail, of course gmail is better, but i usually use yahoo messenger to chat or send file so i use yahoo, you can quick link to your mail or blog when in yahoo

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