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Thread: search help

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    Now this may sound really stupid ....

    I have been using using NewsBin with Giganews premium account with the unlimited internet searches etc but I am thinking of stopping paying for all this and quiting !

    The reason is that when you are doing a search it's hard to refine down what you are looking for and being able to tell what all the files that are coming up in your search actually are.

    I am used to using a search engine in a Peer"Peer situation where you can define your searches to music, TV shows, Films, software etc and OK they are very slow in comparison but were much easier to use. I have managed to get some things that I am looking for but by trolling through all the files that come up in the search and even then not able to understand what some of those files are as they are not named in an easy to understand format or maybe that is just me, and my wife cannot get it at all.

    Is there an easy way to do searches and refine what you get etc ? Am I just missing something very simple that I am not doing ? or is there a program / site you would recommend instead ?

    Any help that you could give me on all of this would be most gratefully recieved, thanks in Advance.

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    of course

    just check newzleech,, merlins-portal

    and they are free >.>

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    thanks for the help there DylanDog

    Starting to get my head around all this. I seem to be able to get what I want from, looked at newzbin but you have to be invited to join that one.

    Easier to navigate through, all in desperate categories etc and then load the nzb file into newsbin pro to get it. Had a couple of files that were not working but overall I think this will be better. Still to get my head around all the terminology etc.

    Now all I have to do is find Series 4 of lost in English that works for my wife and were all happy lol


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