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Thread: Usb Ports

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    I have a USB to IDE caddy and it uses an extrenal power supply for the power. I was wondering if i can use a second USb cable to power it up because its a bit ennoying setting it up.

    Its very similar to the one below

    I was thinking of getting a USB flash drive but i dont really want to pay $120 for 256mb. The usb to ide caddy cost me $120 and i carry a 60GB hard drive around

    Oops i forgot to ask whats the Max Voltage/Current/WATT from a USB port ?

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    go to system properties under USB, and open up the properties of your hub of choice - there's a power tab which tells you the current available
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    Thanx man...It doesnt look like there is not enough currnet being tranfered.

    I needed 12V 1.5A and 5V 2A and the USB ports only pump out 5v 500ma

    There must be another way to do this..

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    u would need to use a seperate power transformer, theres no way the usb could power a hdd


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