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Thread: Moderators So Vulgar And Rude, Why?

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    IWhen I started on this forum my first post was in all caps and I got chewed out very harshly by a 5000+ moderator. It was my first post though!

    As I continue to learn on this forum, over and over again I see moderators just going to town on "noobs" for the smallest reasons.

    For example a forum user on his 2nd post asked about the PC game Halo and the only thing replied was by the moderators pointing out how stupid he was and how he should have researched his post before hand.

    I just want to know why are they so mean? Please understand moderators that not all of us have the time to spend all day on the PC. I mean come on, instead of answering and helping this dude with his question(His second post ever!&#33 he was just made to feel like an idiot.

    If noobs makes you guys so upset, why don't you have a manual that you have to download and read before posting in the forum?

    I'm not talkin about the one that is a post, i mean a "have to version" before they are allowed to post?

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    Although it's a trifle late for you perhaps someone else may benefit.

    Before rushing into your first post take some time to read the forum (beyond the current page) and you will get a feel for the personalities and the tenor of conversation.

    Some people who at first may seem rude are actually quite helpful and vice-versa.

    Grow a thick skin and join the party.

    Keep in mind that no one knows who you really are- they can't hurt you.

    If you feel like you've been mistreated then PM a Mod and let them know.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    We already have one. It's called a "faq". I get the idea you haven't read it

    If you make it though the "rude NOOB" stage (and you aren't likely to with this kind of post) then you should feel equally(almost) priveledged to have expanded yourself to new levels. consider it an initiation into our ranks.
    You may well get some babysitting along the way but without an occasional bump here and there, the quality of training would suffer I think.

    If an attack is obviously malicious, then it warrants a rebuttal. If it's a simple "wise up NOOB, you know nothing", then consider it valuable advice.

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    I have provided an opportunity for our regulars to reply to you in this thread >>

    Oh, and a bit of research has cleared up the reason for this post, at least for me. >> warning given by Lamsey on 2 July 2003, Offensive/aggressive behaviour

    And you seem to have some shortcomings of your own. >>
    Originally posted by nukemdomis Posted: 6 September 2003 - 02:51
    nope doesnt work... lol itz no exact enuff i got the program too... lol... its pretit old as well... alot of hte maps dont work on it... it was like 4aves n like 10 blocks off for me
    Well mabey, just mabey you pressed the wrong keys when using this program.....just like you did in your reply on every other word.

    It still works great for me!![/b][/quote]

    Time to close this I think.


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