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Thread: Par2 help please

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    Lo all

    Ive got a file that didnt unrar. after checking one of the rars is corrupt, i have used par2 to repairs rars in the past but i cant seem to fix this one.

    when i open any of the pars it doesnt find any of the 'data files', when i open the .sfv it find all the data files (including the corrupt one and tells me its corrupt) but no 'recovery files'

    how can i fix the rar if they dont find each other?

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    i have the same situation with the kingdom of heaven 1080p RAP release. 3 of the RARS are bad. the .sfv tells me so, but the PARs do not recognize the data archive in order to be able to fix it.

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    Obviously (to me) the rar's and par's must be in the dame directory/folder in order to 'operate'; you have the sfv file (actually, pretty useless) in the same.

    But... as you have run into, the 'poster' didn't do so, probably, when creating this, or blindly used a par2 'generator' built into their posting newsreader, that 'de-linked' the rars/pars (again, maybe putting them into different directories??).

    I've run into this a few times, it's usually traceable to posters 'in a hurry' or not 'watching that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing'.

    MAYBE, the poster caught their mistake, and later posted some updated par files. You might try searching for that on one of the 'search' sites (uhh, Binsearch etc.) and see if that has been done.

    That's your only hope. You may find that others are in the same pickle, nad you'll trip over many 'angry' messages in the newsgroup where it was posted...!


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