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Thread: Download help - slow speeds?

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    okay every time i try to download a file the fastest it will ever download is 70-80kb/s not on bittorren or any other thing its evan slower but just downloading straight from a website it will only go that fast its very agrovating when downloading huge files thanks for the help

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    OK...Thats a noob question...but its not a bad question... I remember my selves in the beginning :-) I came with lots of questions like this :-)

    Ok..can you tell me your internet speed ?

    You can use this link to find out your speed:

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    You tried a speed test?

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    yea i did it says i only have a 63 KB per sec internet speed but if i go to my network connections i have dsl and it says i have a 100 MB connection and i download at 70-80 never in the 60's

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    You have 100 MB connection? That seems really fast, then you would be downloading at 10MB/sec.
    How long have you had your DSL with your current service provider? Might be something on their end.

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    Does it say 100MB, or 100Mbps(I also have DSL...Verizon)? That is what mine says. I'm not exactly sure what 100Mbps is, but in reality my download speed is around 360kb/s on my home connection.
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    Do you have your port open or close in your firewall. It happend to me once and I had to open a port and it work with my cable modem comcast.


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