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Thread: You Favorite War Movies?

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    I love war movies. I cant get enought of them, and so i'm asking you guys to give me a list of your favorite WAR movies such as "Saving Private Ryan" or "We Were Soldiers" movies like that which are related to wars.

    I appriciate it alote. Thanks!!!

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    the great escape

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    Great Escape was awsome, also Platoon

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    Full Metal Jacket

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    The great escape was good, steve mcqueen was brilliant in that, but i not really a fan of the war movies, but i do like to watch films like The great escape, the longest day and where eagles dare, with the best, clint eastwood

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    Is "The Great Escape" one of those old war movies or was it made in modern times? I just saw a trailer for it, but i'm not sure if its the same as the one you guys are talking about.

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    from what rumour i heard they are doing a remake of the old classic. It like italian job they done that, and it seems The great escape, and alfie are two they plan to remake along with the texas chainsaw massacre

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    Yea, i've seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer, and it looks unbeliveable. Thats definately on my toplist when it hits kazaa or suprnova.

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    well i watch the original last night for first time in ages. The one i look forward to most is HOUSE OF THE DEAD, i hope it better than resident evil was. The ending in evil just sucked

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    i love war movies such as mummy 1&2, matrix, terminator, star wars series and lord of the rings, these are some of the best war movies out there, must see, and since the author of this post never indicate war movies must be historic so i assume war movies included sifi war and fantasy war falls in this catagory as well.

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