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Thread: Want Feedback

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    Hello all,

    Huge amount of experienced torrenters here so i can't think of a better place to ask for some feedback on my site/tracker. It is something i have wanted to do for years and finally decided to do it.

    Whats good, bad, etc...

    Your feedback is appreciated.

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    Haven't signed up and looked at the content yet (which is the most important thing on a torrent site).

    However, the design is pretty decent. Like the colors and the logo looks nice.

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    Hasn't got alot of content yet but what is there is very good quality. 1 of the things i want to make sure of is only high quality stuff is on the site and we will do the xtra work it takes to keep it like that.

    Only thing i can think of with the design is to make the text lighter so it is easier to read. Also have to finish up the buttons hehe

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    Dec 2007
    it sux

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    Is design done by you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PunX View Post
    it sux

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    it sux
    Gtfo out of my thread if you can't even put the effort into proper criticism.

    Is design done by you?
    Design was done by my partner.

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    Vast D. Mage's Avatar Member
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    I really like the design and the layout. Navigation is simple and straightforward without being boring.
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    I had seen this type of design before and liked yours too!

    Didn't signup to check the inside but best wish to the project!

    Last edited by internazionale 1908; 10-13-2008 at 02:26 AM.

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    Thanks guys nice to have some positive feedback. Anybody else have any comments?

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