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Thread: Some New Films Are Not As Good

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    What is it nowadays when they overhype a film. The oinly films that i have seen that deserve their praise have been as follows
    jeepers Creepers 2
    Freddy Vs jason
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Overhyped were the following
    Wrong turn
    Daredevil(with arguably the worst bad guy ever in it)

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    Yea.. Daredevil was definately overhyped. It was horrible. It seemed soo short, and missed alote of the details. They could have definately made a better movie with that. What a shame.

    I havent seen Jeepers Creepers 2 or Freedy vs Jason, the trailers didnt really get my attention, but i'll check it out since you like them.

    To add to the over hyped list:

    Blair Witch Project
    Signs (i LOVE alien movies, but this just sucked. Acting was good.)

    >> Cant think of any others at the moment, but theres more.

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    Originally posted by sage0112@6 September 2003 - 04:43

    Blair Witch Project

    >> Cant think of any others at the moment, but theres more.

    Blair Witch was overhyped but it made a crapload of money, so did Signs.

    Freddy vs. Jason is a good movie. Best movie of the summer I saw was Bad Boys 2 and 28 days later. The worst movie I would say Gigli, <-- YES, I watch it, my GF wanted to see it, I begged but if I was going to get any, I had to see it. Only good thing was J.Lo was in it.

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    I cant find a full copy of Bad Boys 2, can you give me the file name plzz if its a full?

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    28 days later is good but was a little overhyped for me, but maybe it was the ending that did not do it justice.

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    I thought the Matrix Reloaded ending was just horrible, killed the whole movie, but i guess it was good marketing for matrix revolutions. If you see reloaded, you HAVE to see revolutions.


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