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Thread: Just got a seedbox.....

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    Okay I just got myself a seedbox through Torrentswift.......anyway i know it is not the greatest seedbox but I wanted to give it a try anyway I started some torrents with it yesterday but for some reason it wouldn't download inside my i sent them a email.....the told me that
    This happens when the tracker uses cookies instead of a passkey. We will need to input the cookies into the web interface. Common cookie variables used in torrent sites are UID and PASS, although these will differ from site to site. See your torrent site FAQ or Forum for more info.

    Now I was going to enter the info for them is this safe??? I mean should I give them this info....?? isn't this like me giving them my passwords.......any info would be greatly appreciated.... thanks....

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    yes, it's exactly like giving it away. it's your choice whether you trust them enough to do that.

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    Do you or anyone know of a seedbox that is simular to this one that is good to use that I don't have to give out my password too??


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