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Thread: looking for some invites...

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    I usually download most of my stuff from sct (or occasionally directly from the scene)

    some of my stats...

    r: 97 up: 50+TB site:
    r: 3 up: 4TB site:
    r: 9.6 up: 2.6TB site:
    r: 2.3 up: 2.5TB site:
    r: 3.2 up: 200gb site:
    r: 71 up: 560gb site:
    r: n/a site: FSC
    r: 21 up: 2.7TB site:

    I've done uploading in the past (especially at TB)

    I used to be member of origonal TiT, torrentdamage, scc, and ftn but the last 3 I lost account due to not logging in for too long

    At home I have 2x 10/1 load balanced but I ussually use a seedbox for ratio (either unmetered 100mbit or metered gigabit)

    I've decided if sct goes down it would be good to have a backup site with pretimes and content as good as it...

    I know of 2 such other sites i"m not on so I'd like invites to them: SCC and TL

    Also looking for TiT invite just found out they were back...

    Also wouldn't mind an invite to waffles or as I'm starting to get back into music... whichever is avilable / better?? or both


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    sct users can request for a waffles invite (its in the forums)

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    Why do I find the ratios hard to believe? *cough* images *cough*

    And if you actually had topsite or scene axx, you wouldn't need torrent trackers :\
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    I do have access to many 30+ TB sites (both in NA and EU)... but my home connections are unstable and quite often the ftp xfers will stop completely

    plus they limit how many threads you can use and I have a hard time maxing both of my home dsl connections, if you know anything about load balancing it doesn't work well with ftp. So to get faster downloads it makes more sense to use torrenting (many many connections = better balancing)

    Also I like the visualness of torrenting, you can see whats new easily and whats popular, on ftp sites stuff gets updated for whatever reason (site restart, nuke unnuke, etc) and sometimes it's hard to findout what is actually new since your last visit

    also I got into torrenting first, and later met some people who got me onto said sites, a number of uploaders on multiple trackers get their access through me

    edit: above pic link not working so

    also note.. I did 50TB uploading mostly tv torrents for about a year, I was not using rss and just downloading and seeding to insanity, tb warns users who do that, they don't want overseeding

    and that symbol next to my name means I've donated over 100 euro to the site
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    I can invite you to SCC if you show your stats on

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    PM'ed you for a TL invite.
    Can you feel the LOVE

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    Quote Originally Posted by killercam101 View Post
    sct users can request for a waffles invite (its in the forums)
    or at hdbits external trackers forum. plus on hdbits it's no problem to get

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    oh and about the music site invites on sct I messaged the guy but never got a responce

    back in the day when I uped tv and other stuff at Tbytes I was doing it all manually over remote desktop with windows and my pre times were usually between 1-2 min

    I stopped doing it mostly because I thought it was pointless for sites without autos to still exist and that there is no point racing against a machine. Also I was doing said uping from like 10pm to 4am every night. But there was also the fact it cost me 300-500$ a month and I was extremly under appricated especially by staff

    oh and every time your ip changes (which for me is about daily) you have to get a siteop to change your ip for you so you can get back onto the site... they only allow one wildcard in the ip ie 123.245.*.2 but my ip acually changes by 2 fields and sometimes a third
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