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Thread: about resellers

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    don't know where
    what is a reseller?
    I heard someone's getting servers with 3,6 month and renting same servers monthly...isnt this a risk of same account cuz if someone get ban from like bitmetv they will ban all ip members?

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    That depends on the tracker. All trackers have different rules. However, many know people share seedboxes and will only ban IPs when you log into the trackers webpage for downloading the specific .torrents, forums, etc...

    Furthermore, trackers use whats called a passkey, and each torrent you download is auto-generated to be unique to your own passkey (when you download a torrent file, you are not downloading the same torrent file as another user downloads - each torrent file is auto-generated for each user). When you connect to the tracker, no matter what IP Address you connect from, you will be tracked correctly because you have a unique passkey.

    Hopefully that helps understand how trackers work with IP etc...

    On a side note reselling is good, but only good if you have people willing to pay. No one wants to get stuck with a big bill when you already have a huge buffer and nothing to seed.

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    Any competent tracker staff will realize that same IP != same person.

    they didn't built Rome in one day

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    Quote Originally Posted by integral View Post
    Any competent tracker staff will realize that same IP != same person.
    if the IP address resolves to a hosting company/seedbox that you're seeding from.
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    I understand the point you're making but I have never heard of it happening. If it does happen, just explain the situation to the staff

    The majority will understand!

    I don't think many resellers/clients will enter into long contracts. It isn't wise.
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