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Thread: speeds become slow after a few hours

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    hello, im using a dedicated server to run one of my seedbox and i seem to have a major problem i cannot mange to solve.
    i have 12 great .torrents loaded, now when i force them to seed they sync with the tracker and get loads of peers but after a few hours when i return to check the speeds all i see is 15kbps and lower... probably losing connection with the tracker.

    now i know it aint a problem with the tracker, since im using the same tracker to seed from another seedbox @ ovh! and im maxing it out there!

    i know there used to be problems with uTorrent 1.8 with trackers disconnections but ive downgraded to 1.77 and im still getting the same...

    Thanks in advance!

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    don't know where
    Is disk overloading?


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