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Thread: to those who use rapidshare to download things

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    phishing warning!

    please try to refrain from using download links that are protected or using any kind of link shortening service such as: and etc

    i saw many of these links and they were phishing sites. basicially when you add your details it will automatically be sent to the person who made it.

    when downloading or using your user name make sure it’s on the correct site, for example could be easily mistaken for (which could be a phishing site). when ever you are typing any important details please make sure you type it in the correct site.

    when you type in a password for important sites such as rapidshare, paypal, ebay, internet banking and etc you will see a lock symbol near where the loading bar is.

    this means that the site is encrypted, so it makes sure unauthorized people won’t see any details. make sure when you type in passwords in places like rapidshare or paypal you see that lock, if not then don’t sign in.

    if you have any doubts that you have typed in your passwords in sites like these you should change your password immediately.

    taken from rlslog

    so be careful on which link you download from

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    thnxs for info bro

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    good thing I don't like rapidshare that much
    the limit for free user is way too annoying...

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    rapidshare = on the best of days.


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