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Thread: Microsoft_flight_simulator_2004

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    I got it from downloaded the thing and it wont burn and wont open with ISO Buster...
    B4 all of you shout read the FAQ, I have and theres no answer to my question

    I wonderd if anyone else had the same prob as me...

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    I had the same problem and could not find a solution.

    The thread is here:

    Did you download the 2164mb A Cent from bit torrent? Because that's the one that's all screwed up.

    If you look for the individual CD's 1,2,3,4 and burn with Alcohol 120% they will work perfectly. Warning: right now the torrent is slow for these. When I get the time I'll throw them on Kazaa. Since I have yet to see a valid working copy on Kazaa.

    Note: CD 4 has copyright protection on it....and you might burn a few coasters to get it right. If you can't get it to work, mount the CD4 image on an emulator like Daemon tools or Alcohol 120% then apply the No CD Crack. That will fix it.


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