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Thread: The singer who has the most soothing or angelic voice for you?

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    Of course i haven't heard everyone but for me I'd say Sarah McClahlan has what it takes to be considered as an "angelic voice"

    Also, if you love country music this lady named Alison Krauss has a very soothing voice too.

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    I like both your choices for female and like Dwight Yoakam for male .

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    Wow that's a toss up it's between Eva Cassidy or Loreena McKennitt

    Eva Cassidy:

    Loreena McKennitt:

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    The lead singer of Bat for Lashes. She's like a hybrid between Bjork and Portishead.

    Listen to Sad Eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantankerous View Post
    Wow that's a toss up it's between Eva Cassidy or Loreena McKennitt
    Great choices. Can't really decide for myself though. This may sound a little dusk compared to the ones you've picked but I opt for Dido.

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    ya, dido is great

    i also choose norah jones-------also sade
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    Its gotta be none other than Dido..

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    thank you star

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    Mariah Carey/ Aretha Franklin for female,
    Stevie Wonder for Male..

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