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Thread: Anyone with An Epson Stylus Photo RX595 or similar?

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    Hi guys. I just got an Epson Stylus Photo RX595. I got it cause you can print CD labels direct to the CDs and wow I'm amazed by the quality of this printer. You can't really tell if it's copy from the top of the CDs/DVDs. I heard that printing pictures also gives the same quality you would get from pictures that you would get form a store.

    Of course this printer needs 6 cartridges and the prices for the color cratridges is about $15USD each and I think about $20 for the black. So I'm already thinking about replacement ink and I found some cheap refill cartridges on ebay and found also this site which offers 14 cartridges for $70USD. I looked for reviews on this site and I have found mixed results at but overal it rates 4.5/5. I haven't really found comments on this site and RX595 printers.

    Does anyone else have this printer or an Epson printer that uses the same epson 77/78 cartridges as mine? Do you guys only get genuine ink from epson or do you guys get re-manufactured/refilled ink and from where?

    I like the quality of the original ink cartridges but when you have to replace 6 of them. It aint cheap. is also rated #1 @

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    I've got the R265 which has similar functions.

    I don't know if the carts are the same (mine uses T0801 - T0806), but I'm pretty sure the ink in them will be. I've used plenty of "compatible" carts without any problems.

    A word of warning about photo printers.
    Make sure you use them regularly otherwise the ink dries out in the print heads, and it is almost impossible to clean them. That's true for both original ink and compatibles. There's no advance warning about this, but when you come to troubleshoot the problem it gives this info. Too late of course.

    I bought mine JUST for printing CDs, and this happened when I didn't use it for about a month. Just performing a couple of nozzle checks should be sufficient.
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    Cool thanks for the feedback. I tested the photo printing on Epson Glossy Photo Paper and well the quality with the original ink is as good as it gets. The quality is the one you would get at the photo lab.

    I did order some ink from 4injets, I hope it's good. I have heard of people getting excellent quality and some getting leaking cartridges so we'll see.

    Oh yeah printers are so cheap nowadays that I added the extra 2 year of warranty because I haven't had a printer in the past that has lasted me more than 2 years. If it breaks I should be able to get a store replacement. So far this printer rocks, if the cheaper ink is as good as the original or close enough it should be sweet!


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