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Thread: Ps3

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    HI Guys,I want to ask about PS3 Best Games Every one enter here and tell us about his best PS3 game.

    I will be the first to reply i think that's is Assassins Creed
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    NO one want to tell us about his favorite game I will Talk about GTA5>

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    GTA... meh.... Granturismo is where its at

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    Theres not really any good games that I like atm.

    But I guess Bad Company & GTA

    Two other games that I like is Devil May Cry 4 & Tekken DR: Online (fun to kickass online : D)

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    LBP looks good, GT Prologue looked nice but it's not much without modifications of the cars.

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    Ya, Little Big Planet (LBP) will be a must buy, looks so fun : D

    For people that dont know what it is:

    It's kinda of a adventure game, your a little toy if you can call it that.
    Pic: ( )

    You can create things like tanks, maps and other stuff.
    But its meant that your gonna create maps to play on yourself and maybe also your friends. And if you play online you can join other peoples rooms and play their maps with them.

    But yea, a clip on yotube says more than thousands of words.

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    3-bad company

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    How many more of these threads must be made?

    Jeff Loomis: He's so good, he doesn't need to be dead to have a tribute.

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    Probably at least 10 more, over the following months.

    I'm all about LBP. Picked it up last week, and its great. Even got my girl playing it, and she doesn't play anything other then Wii...

    Great game, and theres a lot more to it then the internet videos show. A must have game for sure.
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    now waiting for RE5
    LBP is girlie thing.


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