Probably the best DVDR tracker around. Congratulations!

Well, itīs time again for us to thank you all for your time you have spent with us on this tracker. 3 years to be more precise. Well atleast counting from the day we fired up the current database. TTi (torrent.the-internationals) is acctually older than 3 years, but as some might remember, we had massive problems that we have sorted out as they have appeared during this time.

To celibrate our third year, we will start with having a 24hrs free leech, we have also introduced some new stuff in our bonusshop, including the possibillity to buy a Custome Title (note: you have to be Legend User or higher to be able to buy this).

We will try our best to make the most out of this week, so keep looking for updates regarding our 3 year celibration on our news page.

Until next time, have a nice day

// TTi Staff