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Thread: BitMeTV account trade

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    I have a bitmetv account that i RARELY use that is kinda old and almost never used.
    Please give me fair deals lol

    as i said, i dont use it. I just do it oldschool and turn on the telly

    i am sure somebody wants least
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    better delete this info,account think leter banned

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    lol, I saw staff talking about it in irc, the account is already dead. Or waiting for the trade to complete so they can log the new owners IP address. People like you are the reason they seldom do open signups, so by doing this giveaway/trade, you are hurting everyone's chance of getting into bmtv through opensignup one day...

    is this you? www by the custom title, looks like they've already found your account
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    DO NOT SPAM ME FOR INVITES, unless I have offered you one. anybody I don't know who PM's me asking for an invite will be reported to FST staff for spamming me. SPAMMERS are assholes!


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