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    hi , just came back from my hols , cant log in to black cats now i have read the other posts and understand i need my keyword which i did generate. Ok so i cant remember that and i`ve lost the word document i copied it too!! so i keep reading and find i can recover my stuff , so i do that and get a return email from blackcats saying hit the link and all will be emailed back to me but when i hit the link i get a page with error#4 pop up . Okay i carry on reading and find that email is case sensative so i try my registered email in every fashion i can think of and eveytime i get error#4 ?? can anyone help Sto?i maybe ?

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    all lower case apart from the V in V****n

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    I can not log in my account at all. My logging name is badr1x. Thank you

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    At minh10: Did you generate your keyword? If not your account is gone. If you did then just type recover into the keyword spot and get your details emailed to you. If you've done that and still seem to have a problem then i guess stoi will have to help you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by minh10 View Post
    I can not log in my account at all. My logging name is badr1x. Thank you
    Your account is still there and says you last logged in 5 days ago so you obviously generated your keyword or your account would be gone. Just read through all the BCG threads on FST....the answer you need is probably here somewhere.

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    Thanks for all the help. I could log back in.


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