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Thread: Direct Connect

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    How every 1

    i was chatting 2 sum who uses Neomodus Direct Connect, and he swaers by it...

    here's the link

    I was just wondering if any here had tried it...

    any info wud b gr8

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    Their site seems promising. It actually looks as if it was not thrown together in five minutes, but instead had some work put into it.
    They also claim to have (presumably) over one petabyte of data shared, which is quite an accomplishment.
    They are advertising-supported, but are very upfront about it, and do not look like they steal any information from you. Their client is designed completely by them, and the design of it seems "kosher."
    They do say they use quite a bit of memory, which is worrisome, but beyond that, I can't see too many issues.
    They fully support NAT enabled routers and hubs, and have support for passive mode, which works much better with xDSL.
    I can't see too much, if anything wrong with it. Go for it, give it a try.

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    I use DC++ as my direct connect client. I prefer the interface and the general feel of it.

    Direct Connect is one of the one2one sharing systems like soul seek.

    DC uses a system of hubs so you have to connect to a hub to share with the people in it. You also have the option to browse each others folders, in addition to searching.

    It is more difficult to be a leech on DC but now impossible. It is very rare tho' most folk are genuine sharers.

    If you want onto the really good hubs you may need 100GB or more shared, however there are plenty who accept a lot less. Some may be only 1 or 2 GB. I think there are some with no lower limit.

    If you want to try to cause trouble in a hub don't even bother going. They will just throw you out.

    It's a good system if you really want to share stuff.

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    wot i never cause trouble.

    My mate wos telling me about a horror movie hub, that sounded very intresting

    say, JP u wudn't have a link 2 the Direct Connect u r using wud u


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