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Thread: which is the best torrent downloader

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    which one do you find the fastest and easiest to use
    1. Bitlord
    2. Azureus
    3. Ktorrent
    4. Utorrent

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    May 2008

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    utorrent, RSSdownloader pawns

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    Roooney's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25BT Rep +25
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    See below
    Utorrent because of low CPU requirements.
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    utorrent is simple to configure - check the tutorial forums if you need any help. I think there is even a mac version floating in the ether...

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    I'v only used Utorrent , I seem to have a few problems with 1.8 tho . Thought my ISP was choking my upload speed but a reinstall seems to have corrected it .

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    Been using utorrent thought it had problems, as it has the orange triangle at the bottom. Sometimes it slow others its good, sometimes when i am download when you look in tracker it allow some and not others.
    The above 3 are allowed is some downloads other its not is there a reason for this.
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    DHT stands for Distributed Hash Table. It is a method implemented by some Bittorrent clients to share content without the presence of a tracker.

    DHT should always be disabled in your Bittorrent client if you are using a private tracker, as it can create problems for private trackers. It allows connecting to clients which are not registered with the tracker, which will result in invalid statistics. It can allow for leakage of private information. And it can result in an overload of UDP traffic, which can cause problems for Internet connections and routers.

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    I mainly download from isohunt

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