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Thread: Targetting On Asia Countries

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    I'm just a ordinary guy from Singapore. What I heard was our ISP here are actually cooperating with some companies and are actually "catching" people who are sharing or downloading files, mainly from kazaa. One of my friend's friend got a letter posted by his ISP and has been caught. I don't really know what actually happened to him but somehow, this news in Singapore is getting serious though.

    Anyone out there know how to prevent yourself being caught and what are the exact steps to note so that we can prevent ourselves from being caught ?

    Do keep me updated... Thanks mate !

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    don't use p2p or pay 300$ a month for a proxy server

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    you could always run your own proxy server .... total cost $0 then chain that proxy trough multiproxy and you will end up with an anon proxy server .....

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    Originally posted by MUSLEMAN@7 September 2003 - 02:26
    don't use p2p or pay 300$ a month for a proxy server
    You could use the SOCKS5 built in for FREE...
    Someone else also posted a link to Socks2http for KaZaa starting at $9.95 per month in that post as well.

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    but wont these slow ur internet down a ton.
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