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Thread: seedbox help......

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    I'm trying to get my seedbox working on Tranceroute but am not having any luck! Basicly when I try and start the download it just won't connect! Now I have been reading around and from what I have been reading basicly it is because the IP address that my seedbox is using is different from the one that I used to log into this site with and if the IP address doesn't match with the same one I logged into the site the download will not work. So, basicly someone suggested to add the cookie info this site into my seedbox cookie management. Now what do you guys think?? Will that work....?? if so what info do I need? Or is there something else that I should do?

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    don't know where
    Umm what i understand from this text...
    Tranceroute has a rule : you need to login from server for start activity?
    so just login so cookies will created...
    or you're only accesing with webgui? or something else
    P.S i am not member at there but months ago there was same thing on bitsoup...
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    got to the settings in your tranceroute profile and make this change


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    Yes I am having the same problem on bitsoup as well....... Redransom can you explain more.....I have logged into Tranceroute before and tryed to get the cookie info to add to the cookie management thing on my seedbox.......but I am suppose to get the UID and the PASS info and there isn't any cookie info like that on my tracneroute cookie info.

    Novell, I am going to try changing the Recognition to signature right now...... Any more suggestions from anyone would be great......thanks....

    Okay I tryed what Novell said and all is working now on Tranceroute, Thanks!!.......but still can't get bitsoup to start since they don't have the same option under there settings.....
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