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Thread: Opening Games

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    Can anybody tell me how to get my games to work. i hav downloaded a number of games and when i double click them a small cmos box opens then closes again and does not start the game or install anything. can any1 tell me how 2 make it work please bcuz i dnt wana download it all agen???

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    Unfortunaltly the HELP us help you link in mysig is dead or I would tell you to read that and post back.

    SO.. you need to tell us more.. much more. Specifiacally what the extension on the file is, what is the size. Thos will be good places to start.

    PS. by extension tell us the whole filename
    EX. "thisgame".bin.exe

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    you need to install the games and before you install you will have to burn them or something else depending on the extension of your files

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    The filenames are: Sim City 4 (CD1).bin.exe (568MB), Sim City 4 (CD2).bin.exe (623MB). Does the .bin part mean i hav to burn the file onto a disc? if so does it matter what program i use in particular like nero, easy cd creator or goldhawk?

    I thank you all greatly

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    Rename them to just .bin, then follow the link in my sig for image files.

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    Get WINISO off of Kazaa its a really neat program that opens about almost any ISO BIN CUE ect.



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