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Thread: winrar noob question

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    when you download a tv show from a tracker

    you get

    25 winrar file
    size is 14,649kb
    1 msinfo file
    1 sfv file

    when you extract the file you get 1 video file
    file size is 358,128kb

    or depending on the tv show size

    i was woundering how make 1 video file into 25 winrar file

    can you help me by explaing how to do this step by step

    if you can post some screen shot,it will be better

    thank you

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    if that dont work use a file splitter program
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    open the top .rar (usually the .rar file w/o the .001,.002,etc) file and when the single file appears drag and drop that file/s to your desktop. Winrar will automatically put them all back together for you into that one file..

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    *something witty*
    Right click the file you want and click "add to archive"

    Pretty self-explanatory from there I think

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    right click file -> add to archive

    where it says "archief opsplitsen" you put 15000000. This would create multipart archives of 15MB size.
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    Ha ha he's using a German version and tells you to put 15000000 into Achief Opslxxxateuun how hilarious is that?

    Winrar is a file compression utility that has better luck compressing txt files than music or video, but it gets used to split files for upload to places where there is a size limit to a single upload like Rapidshare or megaupload kind of sites. Where his picture shows Archief opsplitesen (bytes) an English version would say "Split to Volumes, bytes" which means enter the size of the file split you want in bytes where 104,800,000 is exactly 100mb and 209,715,200 is exactly 200mb, the size you mentioned 14,649 is from the days when dial-up was prevalent and people split files into 15mb chunks or 15,000,000 bytes. The funny thing is for Torrent upload sites there is no size limit and splitting files is not necessary, as a matter of fact, it invites errors during the creation that then transfer to the downloader who swears at you for upoloading bad files. If your going to rar something and upload to a torrent, you might as well rar it into one file to see if you can reduce the size enough for an easier up and download. Splitting into small files will not make the total any smaller than one big one.

    But basically he's right
    1.right click the file and select "add to archive" the "split to" window select the bytes you want to split to
    3.put a check mark in "put recovery record" to help fix errors
    4.advanced > set password, pass protect files

    also as a nice note, that once you enter say 104,800,000 bytes for a 100mb split, that split size will now be available in the drop down below the split box so you don't have to enter it anymore and winrar actually allows you to give it a name like 100mb.
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    it's dutch didn't find an english screenshot.

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    Dutch, German, its all Greek to me.

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    See below
    Did you solve it?

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