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Thread: Perfectdisk 6.0 Has

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    If anyone has a Hash for 6.0..would appreciate it? Tried d/l from what i found from the searches and none of the the d/l would install..said something or another about windows installer or something. I"m Using XP btw..just in case someone might know if it's a Program vs OS Version confliction issue?

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    I use it fine with xp..i'll pm u a direct link,i cant play about with hashes and supernodes.

    According to your browser and set up thou,if u cant understand the page dont worry just scroll down to the bottom and u should b able to make out the perfectdisk 6 link to download..if not just pm me back.

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    I have perfect disk 6.0 . send me a pm and I can send you a direct link to download from my server...


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